About us

Hager City Express was incorporated in February 1983 in Red Wing, Minnesota. With a rented a tractor and trailer, Bill moved the company to our present location in Hager City, Wisconsin in  December 1987.  Our first operating authority was issued in July of 1983, and today we have 25 licensed tractors. Of these licensed tractors, eight are owner operators, operating both dry vans and temperature controlled trailers. We initially started out as a west coast carrier only.  Today we cover west coast, southeastern states, near east, and the Midwest, transporting anything from furniture, fireplaces, garage doors and general freight.  

​ Hager City Express has one dispatcher, one bookkeeper and one owner.  Everyone is on a first name basis from employees to shippers and receivers.  We pride ourselves on having voice contact with our drivers, everyday.  We strive to have the best business environment for everyone from our drivers to our vendors.  Hager City Express’s average drivers retention is 11.8 years with several over 24 years and one over 30 years.  Our average for primary shipper years of retention is 16, with one shipper being with us 30 years and 2 for 24 years.

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